Cape Coral Pawn Shop

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Cape Coral Pawn Shop
8 Del Prado Blvd S, Cape Coral 33990
M-F 9am - 6pm • Sat 9am - 5pm
Sun 10am - 3pm    MAP
(239) 673-8311
939 Country Club Blvd, Cape Coral 33990
M-F 9am - 6pm • Sat 9am - 5pm
Closed Sundays    MAP
(239) 800-3021

need a loan?

Selling to Cape Pawn
At Cape Jewelry and Pawn we make it easy. Bring your item in to one of our showrooms and our Professional, Friendly, and Courteous staff will evaluate the item and make a cash offer on the spot. Once an offer is accepted we will promptly take the item into our electronic inventory and pay the customer in cash.  If you can’t bring your item to the store or are just interested in an offer we also have our convenient online request form. Simply log in to and click the Green Button. Fill out the form, attach pictures and we will make an offer.

Looking for great Deals?
Cape Jewelry and Pawn has an extensive inventory of items from Diamond Engagement Rings to Firearms and more. If you’re looking for items at discount prices we can help! On average we sell at 40% off retail. Our clean well organized showrooms make it easy to shop, and with our 8 Delprado Blvd Store open 7 days a week it’s always convenient to shop at Cape Pawn. Bookmark to gain easy access to our Craigslist link. In the upper right corner of our Home page simply click the “See Our New Stuff” Button that will take you to our current inventory listed on Craigslist.

How a Pawn/ Loan Works
A Pawn is a collateralized loan based on an item with a predetermined value. Once a value is determined on the collateral a Pawn Shop will lend Money to the customer while holding the collateral. In Florida the Law mandates a Pawn Loan must be held by the Pawnshop for no less than 60 days. If the Loan is not repaid within the 60 days the Pawn goes in to default and the collateral becomes property of the Pawnshop. At any time in the 60 days the loan plus interest may be paid and the item redeemed, or an interest payment may be made which will extend the loan 30 days at a time. Items in Pawn may only be redeemed by the individual who signed the Pawn agreement, no one including a spouse or family member may redeem and item however anyone may make an interest payment to extend the loan terms. Statute 539.001 The Florida Pawnbroking Act.  Describes in full detail all of rules and regulations that Pawnbrokers must follow.

Example of a common loan.
In Florida Pawnshops may charge up to 25% interest this interest is applied per 30 days.
A Loan of $100.00 with 25% interest would cost $125.00 if redeemed within the first 30 days.
The same 100.00 loan left past the first 30 days would then be subject to another 25% interest charge until the end of the 60 day loan period, at that point the loan would be $150.00 to redeem.
At any point in either example a $25.00 payment may be made which would extend the loan an additional 30 days.



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